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A list of upcoming workshops (and previous workshop's recordings) to help you with various aspects of scientific writing and career development here at UTMB include the following:

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06/23/23, 12-1pm

Versatile Options for PhDs:  Scientific & Medical Communications
The GSBS Writing Studio is proud to present this new workshop series on the many versatile career options for PhDs in the biomedical sciences.  Join us as you hear how these speakers transitioned from their doctorate training and academia setting to where they are today in the scientific / research development & medical communications arenas. 

Dr. Geetha Achanta started off as an international graduate student at the UTHealth-Houston/MD Anderson Cancer Center GSBS.  She can speak to the various issues faced by international students and postdocs and describe her path to success today at MJH Life Sciences.

Dr. Elizabeth Hileman was a graduate student as well at the UTHealth-Houston/MD Anderson Cancer Center GSBS. She skipped doing any postdoc at all and went straight into technology commercialization, research development, and strategic alliance management.  She can speak to her differing path to success today at UTMB.

Open discussion and questions are encouraged!
REGISTER HERE:  Link to Register for 6/23/23 Workshop
NOTE:  This session will NOT be recorded.

Drs. Geetha Achanta from MJH Life Sciences & Elizabeth Hileman from UTMB GSBSHEC 5.200
06/07/23, 12-1pm

CVs vs Resumes: Which One to Use & What to Include
Join us for this month's Writing Studio workshop as we discuss the difference between a CV and a resume.  We will cover what you should and should not include in each document, and when to use one vs the other. 

NOTE:  Predocs will now be required annually to turn in a CV to the GSBS, so this workshop will help you with this process.  We will also be offering open hour workshops this summer for help when preparing your CV or resume.
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Dr. Elizabeth HilemanHEC 3.200
05/03/23, 12-1pm

Ready to Graduate?  A Discussion on Your Timeline and Dissertation
GSBS Predoc Students - Are you nearing the end of your degree training?  Do you need information on when you should be preparing your dissertation, how to do this, and all steps involved in getting the green light to graduation?  Join us as Dr. Janice Endsley, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, presents on all things related to this and let's get you READY TO GRADUATE!!
NOTE: The audio from the recording of this presentation in Levin Hall was very poor.  However, please see this pre-recorded version Dr. Endsley has provided:  Dr. Endsley's slides and commentary for the "Ready to Graduate?" presentation 

Dr. Janice EndsleyLevin Hall, North Aud, 2.220
04/27/23, 12-1pm

Dissecting the NIH Fellowship Grant: A Step-by-Step Discussion
Are you preparing your F30/31/32 application and not sure how to start or what to write in certain sections?  Join us as we go through each section of the F Grant application and discuss what you should include, how your narrative should match your mentor/sponsor's statement(s), and best practices for success in your submission.
Zoom RecordingPasscode: &6&z.ihi

Dr. Elizabeth HilemanHEC 3.200
03/23/23, 12-1pm

Intellectual Property (IP) Protection & Commercialization
Join us as we hear from our UTMB technology transfer office about the importance of protecting your IP and ways to commercialize your scientific discoveries.  Anyone interested in hearing about disclosing new inventions, filing patents, and the licensing process here at UTMB is welcome to attend.  

Per the Office of Technology Transfer, we are not posting the Zoom recording.  However, the slides from the presentation can be found here:   OTT Presentation on 3-23-23

Drs. Sundeep Mattamana & Cliff WimborneHEC 3.201
02/07/23, 12-1pm

McLaughlin Fellowship Overview and Review Panel Discussion 
Predocs and Postdocs!  If you are working in the infection and/or immunity areas and are interested in the internal UTMB McLaughlin Fellowship, then join us at this workshop! We will be giving an overview of the application process and all steps needed to apply. We will also have a panel of former recipients, reviewers, and McLaughlin Committee faculty ready to discuss tips and tricks to submit a successful application.  Applications will be due in May, so NOW is the time to get started and get insight on this whole process!
Zoom Recording;  Passcode: R0R02=f$

Drs. Elizabeth Hileman, Jere McBride, Gracie Vargas, & Scott WeaverHEC 3.200
01/17/23, 12-1pm

NIH Fellowship "F" Grant Review Panel Discussion
Join us as we hold a discussion with our expert panel on the top tips for successful F grant submissions, common pitfalls to avoid, and how an F grant can enhance your career opportunities. Come prepared with questions and gain amazing insight on this entire process!
Zoom Recording;  Passcode: 2J$X%u^c

Drs. Lisa Cisneros, Janice Endsley, Jere McBride, & Giulio TaglialatelaHEC 3.201
12/06/22, 12-12:45pm

Promoting Scholarship for PostDocs: Using Research Experts as your Promotional Platform
ATTENTION POSTDOCS!  Do you know about Research Experts?  Do you want to learn how this platform can benefit you?  Please join us to learn all about this truly valuable resource available to you as a postdoc trainee here at UTMB and hear about how this can help with your own career development.  
Meeting Recording Link

Ms. Melodi Moore
Teams Meeting
11/17/22, 12-1pm

Join us as we discuss the importance of Biosketches! We will cover everything from what they are and why you need one, to how to start writing your own.
Zoom Recording;  Passcode: +c8gymq8

Dr. Elizabeth Hileman HEC 3.200
10/20/22, 12-1pm

UTMB Research Administration: People, Processes, & Preparing Budgets
Join us as the GSBS Writing Studio hosts invited speakers Dr. Nancy Devino, Ms. Erika LeGros, and Ms. Christy Taylor-Bray from Research Administration to explain why it is so important for trainees to know/understand the UTMB processes for submitting grants.  We will also go over step-by-step instructions on how to do NIH Fellowship and other budgets!
Zoom Recording;  Passcode: 11GmK$?*

Dr. Nancy Devino, Ms. Erika LeGros, and Ms. Christy Taylor-Bray
HEC 3.200
09/15/22, 12-1pm

NIH Fellowship Grant Applications and How to Apply
Are you wondering how to get started with writing an NIH Fellowship (F30/F31/F32) grant? Are you wondering about eligibility, when to start, who to talk to, and how to get your application submitted? The GSBS Writing Studio is here for you! Join us as we explain the differences in the funding mechanisms, eligibility, share tips to get this process going, and guide you on a smooth writing journey!
Zoom Recording;  Passcode: w^^8Bt*X

Dr. Elizabeth HilemanHEC 3.200


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