GSBS Writing Studio About

Welcome to the GSBS Writing Studio website! 

We are dedicated to enhancing the communication and writing skills of our outstanding students and postdoctoral researchers.  The core mission of the Writing Studio is centered on directing our trainees in creating exceptional grant applications, biosketches, CVs/resumes, dissertations, manuscripts, and more.  Our dynamic workshops are designed to instill grantsmanship and other crucial professional development skills to empower our trainees to find success regardless of the trajectory their careers may take them.  Our services also extend to faculty members where we offer aid in preparing data tables and templates for institutional training grants (T32s).  All our services are free and confidential.

We invite you to explore our website where a plethora of templates and guides await to help jumpstart your writing journey.  Our goals are to provide a supportive environment for all levels of writing abilities, help our trainees learn how to more effectively convey their scientific discoveries and self-promote their accomplishments, and ultimately find a career path they are passionate and excited about.