Training Grants and Internships

Specialized Pre- and Post-Doctoral Training Opportunities

Graduate education at UTMB began in the spring 1921 after a biological chemistry professor petitioned the President of the University of Texas (UT) at Austin to develop a Master’s degree program. This change marked an important step in the history of biomedical research at UTMB, as graduate students also began to serve as research assistants in an effort to increase research productivity.

Officially established as a separate degree-granting school within the UT System in 1969, UTMB’s Graduate School of Biomedical Science has grown to become one of the leading institutes of higher education in biomedical sciences in the country, and has garnered a significant number of federal and private fellowships and institutional training grants.

To assist pre-doctoral and post-doctoral researchers in developing their expertise in a specialized subject, the GSBS offers outstanding leadership in biomedical investigation:

Training Program


Training Type


Biodefense Training Program

Scott C Weaver, PhD


Biodefense Link

Computational Cancer Biology Training Program

Monte Pettitt, PhD

Predoc & Postdoc


Emerging and Tropical Infectious Diseases

Lynn Soong, MD PhD



Health of Older Minorities

Rebeca Wong, PhD


Health of Older Minorities Link

Infectious Diseases and Inflammatory Disorders

Lynn Soong, MD PhD


Infectious Diseases & Inflammatory Disorders Link

Interdisciplinary Women’s Reproductive Health Fellowship

Abbey B. Berenson, MD, PhD


Interdiscip Women’s Repro Health Link

Kempner Fellowship Fund

Giulio Taglialatela, PhD

Predoc & Postdoc

Kempner Fellowship Link

McLaughlin Fellowships in Infection and Immunity

Ashok Chopra, PhD

Predoc & Postdoc

McLaughlin Fellowships Link

Molecular Mechanisms for Environmental Injury

Bill T. Ameredes, PhD

Predoc & Postdoc

Molecular Mech. for Environmental Injury Link

Neural and Pharmacological Mechanisms of Abused Drugs

Kathryn A. Cunningham, PhD

Pre & Postdoc

Neural & Pharma Mech. of Abused Drugs Link

PREP-ing for a Biomedical PhD

Gracie Vargas, PhD

Post Bac

PREP Program Link

Sealy Center for Vaccine Development Fellowships

Alan Barrett, PhD


Sealy Center-Vaccine Dev Fellowships Link

Surgical Research Training in Gastrointestinal Disease

Mark R. Hellmich, PhD


Surgical Research Training in Gastro Disease Link