Institutional Training Grants & Internal Fellowships

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) offer competitive funding to institutions to develop or enhance research training opportunities for predoctoral and postdoctoral fellows.  These grants are known as "institutional training grants", and fall under various funding mechanisms including T32s and TL1s.  UTMB currently holds 11 of these prestigious "T" awards in various areas of study reflecting the quality and success of our training, mentoring, and graduate programs.

In addition, UTMB offers unique internal fellowships through the Kempner Foundation and the McLaughlin Foundation.

The current list of fellowship opportunities on our campus is as follows:

Training Program
Training Type
Clinical & Translational Research Award (CTSA) - TL1
Jonathan Hommel, PhD
Predoc & Postdoc
TL1 Website Link
Molecular Mechanisms of Environmental Injury
Bill Ameredes, PhD
Predoc & Postdoc
T32 Website Contact Link
Biodefense Training Program
Ashok Chopra, PhD & Scott Weaver, PhD
T32 Biodefense Link
Emerging and Tropical Infectious Diseases
Lynn Soong, MD PhD
T32 Info Website
Training in Alzheimer's Pathophysiology
Rakez Kayed, PhD
Predoc & Postdoc
T32 Website Contact Link
Neural and Pharmacological Mechanisms of Abused Drugs
Kathryn Cunningham, PhD
Predoc & Postdoc
T32 Neural & Pharma Mech of Abused Drugs Link
UTMB Health Services Research Training Program
Yong-Fang Kuo, PhD
T32 Contact Link
Training Physician-Scientists in Emerging Infectious Diseases
Peter Melby, MD & Slobodan Paessler, DVM, PhD
Postdoc (MDs)
T32 Physician-Scientists in Infectious Diseases Research
Surgical Research Training in GI Diseases
Ravi Radhakrishnan, MD
Postdoc (MDs)
T32 Contact Info
Health of Older Minorities
Rebeca Wong, PhD
Predoc & Postdoc
T32 Health of Older Minorities
Infectious Diseases and Inflammatory Disorders Training Program
Tian Wang, PhD & Lynn Soong, MD, PhD
Predoc (Medical Students)
T35 Med Student 8 Week Research Rotation
Postdoctoral Training In Trauma And Burns
Steven Wolf, MD
Postdoc (MDs)
T32 Director Contact Link
The McLaughlin Foundation
Gracie Vargas, PhD
Predoc & Postdoc
Internal McLaughlin Fellowship Link
The Kempner Foundation
Tracy Toliver-Kinsky, PhD
Predoc & Postdoc
Internal Kempner Fellowship Link