Career Resources & Job Links

Career Resources

UTMB Postdoc Job openings

Internal resource for postdoctoral scientist positions

Hire a Biomedical Scientist

UTMB-GSBS Career services for graduate students and postgraduates

15 questions for the interview with the PI

Questions to ask the PI in a phone interview for a postdoctoral position

Tips for a Successful Postdoctoral Experience

Three steps for ensuring the first few years after earning your doctorate are profitable and productive.

Bio Careers

Career services for life science postgraduates

Committee for Career Development

GSBS joint graduate student, postdoctoral and faculty committee focused on career development activities

Hospital Based Careers for PhDs

Presentation and links for biomedical PhDs considering hospital-based careers.

Inside Higher Education

Career advice resource

Job Track (The Riley Guide)

Comprehensive career planning and resource guide, including non U.S. jobs

Making the Right Moves

A practical guide to scientific management for postdocs and new faculty

MBA Online

A general information website with many resources useful to individuals looking to enter or advance a career in business

National Postdoctoral Association

Tools for individuals to plan their career paths, whether in academic research or elsewhere

Nature: Careers and Recruitment Features

Career resources from science magazine "Nature"

Science, math and engineering career resources

Science Careers

Jobs in Science & Technology from AAAS Science Careers

Science Next Wave

Science Career advice/information from the journal "Science"

Vitae, from the Chronicle of Higher Education

One-stop tools for managing your career, the best connections for hiring and being hired, and a place to spotlight your excellent work.

Job Links


Career Opportunities at UT System

A range of employment opportunities, from staff to executive levels, at UT System

Job search engine for the U.S.

Gulf Coast Consortia Job Board

Interactive job board to link with potential employers affiliated with the Texas Medical Center

Research Jobs at UTMB

UTMB listings for internal and external applicants


Academic Keys

A venue for universities to efficiently recruit for higher-level faculty and administrative positions

American Mathematical Society

Employment information in the mathematical Sciences

American Society for Microbiology

Search engine for job listings in microbiology

Bio Careers

Job listings for life science postgraduates

Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology

Comprehensive job search website

Inside Higher Education

Comprehensive job search website job listings

Broad listing of jobs for PhDs

Comprehensive search engine for government agency positions, e.g. CDC, FDA, USDA, USGS, etc.

Teva Pharmaceuticals - Careers

U.S. business includes products within the central nervous system (CNS), respiratory, oncology, women’s health, and other select therapeutic areas.


Academic Keys

Job site for higher education academic positions

Chronicle of Higher Education

Job listings for positions in research, technology and academic administration.

Nature: Careers

Resources for job seekers and employers

Postdoc Jobs

Postdoctoral listings for job seekers and employers

Science Magazine Careers job search

American Association for the Advancement of Science job listings from “Science”

Virology Jobs

Sponsored by the American Society for Virology