Jeane B. Kempner Postdoctoral and Predoctoral Scholar Award

Application Instructions:

The following instructions must be followed precisely

A. Fill in the online application form at Please note that you will need to upload your unofficial transcript and research plan (down load instructions)to complete the online application. So please make sure that you have them ready.

B. Email all the support documents to Angie Tropea at documents include:

Note: All 4 documents require signatures and must be submitted via email in lieu of hard copy to Angelina Tropea Please put the email subject as "Kempner - 'Applicant's name' - 'document type'. For example: "Kempner - John Smith - Sponsors Commitment"

Should you have questions about the content of the application, or the application process in general, please contact: Angelina Tropea, at (409) 772-2665, or by email at